Learner Notification Regarding Train the Trainer (E30179)

This notice is for learners who have not submitted all assignments for the Train the Trainer module E30179.

Due to the introduction of the new Common Award System, this award will soon be deactivated by FETAC/QQI and Certification for this module will no longer be available. In place of Train the Trainer (E30179) a special purpose award in Training and Development (6S3372) will be introduced.


It is advised that any learner who has not yet submitted all assignments under E30179 contact Kay in Meath Partnership on 046 9280 790 without delay to discuss the submission of the outstanding assignments before the expiry date.


From next year there will be a new and more comprehensive programme, a full special purpose award (6S3372). This will be made up of two modules; Training Delivery and Evaluation (6N3326) and Training Needs Identification and Design (6N3325). Participants can complete one of these modules or both if they wish to achieve the full special purpose award. More information on these modules will be provided in early 2015.