Schools Integrating Circular Economy through the Collaboration of Educational and Industry Stakeholders - CE Schools

2021-10-01 - 2023-11-01

CE Schools

The project aims to provide solutions to one of the biggest challenges the EU (and the world) is facing: promoting a Circular Economy mentality and helping it seep into institutions and society to generate real change. At a smaller scale, industries and educational institutions can boost this shift towards integrating CE in all areas of society. Specifically, this project will provide: (1) Tangible, durable results: Creating collaborations between educational centres and private institutions. (2) Long-term impact: promoting and encouraging CE thinking among schools; that is, "planting the seed" for future generations who will grow and adapt their habits to ultimately create the biggest expected impact. (3) Long-lasting outcomes: developing new and innovative hidden curriculum techniques which can be used by other countries, not just the ones participating in this consortium

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