Social Inclusion

Building Social Inclusion in County Meath

Social Inclusion is “the process which ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social and cultural life and to enjoy a standard of living and well-being that is considered normal in the society in which they live.” The role of Meath Partnership in promoting social inclusion and quality of life within county Meath is best defined through the aims of programmes and services we provide. 

Our service offerings are based on the following aims:

    • Increasing awareness, knowledge and uptake of a wide range of statutory, voluntary and community services available to residents in Meath
    • Supporting people's work readiness and employment prospects through a range of innovative training programme and support services
    • Promoting lifelong learning at community level and encourage participation in social, educational, cultural and recreational activities
    • Advocating and supporting active engagement with policy, practice and decision making processes on matters affecting local communities
    • Encouraging volunteering and active citizenship whilst supporting community and voluntary organisations to identify local level volunteer opportunities
    • Developing new and innovative solutions to address incidences of social exclusion and marginalisation. 

Follow the links below for more information on social inclusion and social development activities at Meath Partnership: