The Meath Wellness Hub’s ethos is to foster a culture where “The Hope of Recovery” is one of the core principles. We strive to maintain a hopeful vision for the future among people who are coping with mental health challenges through the offering of free support services to aid with recovery.


The Hub’s recovery orientated services facilitate independence, self-direction and the ability for an individual to live a fulfilling and productive life. Meath Wellness Hub services focus on peer-driven systems of empowerment that focus on restoring an individuals hope for living a meaningful, self-directed lives in their communities within Meath. 

We focus on providing the necessary tools and techniques in a non-judgemental environment which prioritises a persons return to wellness. We focus on ensuring positive mental health outcomes for individuals in the recovery paradigm.

Our Aim

Meath Wellness Hub aims to support and promote the positive mental health and wellbeing of people living in social and economic deprivation and poverty throughout Meath. We work in collaboration with community, voluntary groups, the Health Service Executive and other statutory organisations to support actions to address the causes. We provide a community-based recovery-oriented service. Through easily accessible, preventative and targeted supports we aim to strengthen individuals, communities and reduce barriers to recovery and service access.

Meath Wellness Hub Services

    • One-to-one Counselling and Coaching for mental health and wellbeing
    • Wellness recovery action plan (WRAP)
    • Support groups;
    • Wellness workshops;
    • Information & Advocac
    • One to One Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling is a safe space to hear yourself think out loud about your life, express how you’re really feeling and discuss concerns and worries with someone who won’t judge you. At the Meath Wellness Hub we want to emphasise a non-judgemental, private and respectful atmosphere where the client can learn to reach positive solutions to life’s difficulties. Here the client can discover new ways of coping, work through various issues and develop new skills for positive change.

One to One Coaching

Coaching is a safe and confidential learning environment to develop self-awareness and take responsibility to engage in the process of self-insight and learning. In undertaking coaching, the participants are prepared to explore and analyse aspects of their life they wish to change. In coaching, Meath Wellness Hub help participates to reach their full potential while exploring attitudes, behaviours, values and beliefs.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a symptom monitoring, crisis planning and self-help mental health recovery programme. WRAP does not replace traditional treatments and can be used as a compliment to any other treatment. It is a simple self-management tool which helps people gain more control over their wellbeing. It is intended to help people plan for themselves how best to maintain wellness and reduce/ better manage periods of illness. It is a highly individualized plan which is developed and owned by the person who writes it and can be continually updated.

Support Groups

Meath Wellness Hub staff will facilitate safe and comfortable support space for people to share their stories and experiences around mental health and recovery in a small group. Participants will be offered the opportunity to join fun activities, share stories, and engage in learning of topics around mental health and wellness. Participants can choice to remain silent and join for a cup of tea. Support Groups can also be beneficial in terms of social interactions and development of interpersonal relationships

Education, Training, Wellness Workshops and Advocacy

Meath Wellness Hub will offer the above for people to explore strategies for improving mental health and welling. Meath Wellness Hub will focus on helping participants become more self-aware, learn more about self-discovery, understand their own mental health and ways to cope better and learn to protect their mental health. They will develop their own personal, meaningful goals that are central to their own recovery journey while maintaining hope, wellbeing and reducing risk factors to poor mental health.

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Phone: Meath Partnership: (046) 928 0790


Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5:30pm