Family First

What is Family First?

Looking after a family is hard work and requires a lot of different skills to do it well. We offer support to help you be the best parent you can be and support your children to have fun and develop fully.

The Family First initiative supports families in Co. Meath by providing information, guidance and one-to-one mentoring for parents. We aim to nurture families by working with them to increase their capacity for day to day living.

What does Family First entail? 

The Family First initiative provides a variety of ways for parents to engage;

  1. Individual support to parents;
  2. Parenting workshops and training throughout the year; and
  3. Information Sessions on topics relevant to family life*

*Sessions can be delivered in person or remotely via Zoom / Phone depending on the parent’s need and current Covid 19 guidelines at any given time.

Parents/caregivers are met with individually by a member of the Meath Partnership team. A Personal Action Plan is created and, depending on the needs of the individual, they may continue to work individually with the Family First Project Officer.

Typical services under our Family First Initiative include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 1:1 Parent support
  • Practical parenting skills
  • Supporting families to improve their wellbeing
  • Helping families to develop connections to community based supports
  • Collaborating with other Meath Partnership programmes to provide a wraparound service to families
  • Training & Education Guidance Services for parents, children and young adults

How are families referred to the Family First Initiative?

A parent/care giver can self-refer by contacting the family First Project Officer themselves or they can be referred from other agenicies for addtional supports.

How do I contact the Family First Initiative?

You can email Caoimhe Donnellan, our Family First Project Officer, at or contact her directly on 085-2524333. Caoimhe is available to consult with parents via phone, email or face to face on a wide range of issues and may provide direct supports or make the necessary referrals to other services and professionals to ensure your needs are met.